The Pond AI Assistant is getting an update soon!
With an advanced AI integrated with The Pond data, we will provide information for questions regarding college admissions and career planning, including:

• Admission Process
• Schools & Major Exploration
• Courses & Extracurriculars
• Essay Brainstorming
• Scholarship & FAFSA and Anything Else

Now, all you need to do is ask what you should prepare!

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Discover the Exclusive Letitu Research Program
Embark on a journey with our Letitu Research Program, where high school students collaborate 1-on-1 with Ph.D mentors from top universities. Create an impactful research paper, a valuable asset for college applications. We make the journey to your research success straightforward and enriching.
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Collaborate 1-on-1 with Ph.D mentors from top universities

Why Join a Research Program?

Drive Real-World Change

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Be at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries, whether it's in healthcare innovation, technological advancements, or revolutionary business strategies

Master Your Field

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Dive deep into a subject area, contributing to and expanding the existing pool of knowledge with your research

Elevate Your Academic Journey

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Set yourself apart in college applications by demonstrating your research acumen and commitment to academic excellence

Excel in IB TOK with Specialized Guidance
This program offers specialized support to help you excel in the IB Theory of Knowledge course. We provide insights and strategies for a deeper understanding and superior performance in TOK.
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Why Choose Our TOK Guidance?

Lasting Academic Skills

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Develop skills that benefit you across various subjects.

Critical Thinking

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Enhance your analytical abilities for academic success.

Tailored Strategies

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Personalized advice for standout essays and presentations.

Comprehensive Understanding

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Grasp complex TOK concepts with ease.

IB Score Improvement

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Boost your overall IB Diploma score.